Phones Down. Heads Up. New Distracted Driving Laws in Vermont

(estimated reading time: 2 1/2 minutes) Did you know that an average of 9 people are killed daily and more than 1,600 injured in the U.S. due to crashes involving distracted driving, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration? As of October 1st, 2014 the State of Vermont announced the new hands-free driving ban […]



Manchester Airport Shuttle Service

We’ve updated our airport shuttle prices to YOUR ADVANTAGE! Starting at $55 one way for pickup/drop off at the HOP in Hanover. Starting at $78 one way for two passengers to/from your home. Now that’s something to take a trip over!      

Airport Travel Tips

There’s only one thing standing between you and your holiday travel: the airport, complete with long lines and complicated screening procedures. But a little advance preparation can go a long way in helping you get through all that pre-flight rigmarole with minimum fuss. A walk in the park it’s not, but with these 10 tips, […]