9 Excellent Reasons To Travel The World

Have you traveled the world, or even your state? You may be surprised to learn how much you could be missing out on. Travel has notable health benefits for your mind and body. It can be full of intense challenges, eye-opening experiences, and once in a lifetime moments. Travel helps improve your overall mental health. […]

4 Ideas For Using A Mini-Coach (The Good Bus)

New Hampshire and Vermont are both filled with many, many things to do. Sometimes it’s just hard to brainstorm what you could do. During the winter, it seems that the only thing you would want to do is sit by a fire and hibernate (because it’s too darn cold out!) Well, one thing you could […]

Programs to Kick-Start 2015

To get the year started on a fresh foot, we wanted to create a few programs to make traveling a little easier for you and to get the word out! Having to plan travel is stressful. Road conditions, gas money, trying to squeeze extra people in a car, and overall comfort is a common concern […]